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Weitzner Introduces the Making Our Mark Collection

Posted on January 21st, 2021

Pollack&Weitzner  - 制作我们的标记

JANUARY 2021 (NEW YORK, NY) —随着世界的变化以前所未有的速度,客栈ovations can make life more efficient but oftentimes at the expense of human touch. As we embrace this new frontier, there is also a desire for more individualization. That means so many creatives—from fine artists to poets, novice and professional alike—are in the midst of a renaissance right now.

Making Our Mark, Weitzner’s Spring 2021 introduction, celebrates that personal expression and personal character. Through sketches of textures, symbols, doodles, words and writings created in the Lori Weitzner studio, these unique imprints became muse as the team created the latest collection of textiles and wallcoverings. All with the hope of connecting our human spirits.

Cole & Son Introduces Seville at Lee Jofa

Posted on January 21st, 2021


Clarence House introduces Akasaka: Woodblock Design Fabrics


Clarence Hous Spring 2021 Collection  -  Akasaka木块印花织物

Clarence House is introducing their Spring 2021 collection which includes Akasaka, an original hand-block design created by Kazumi Yoshida.


Akasaka Link:https://clarencehouse.com/fabric/4127503/akasaka-hand-block/natural

KingsHaven Opens Lighting Showroom in Decoration & Design Building

Posted on December 9th, 2020



纽约 - 2012年10月6日 -KingsHaven, a national retailer and maker of artisan-quality lighting, furniture and accessories, announced today the opening of its new lighting showroom at the Decoration & Design Building (DDB), a top-rated, trade-focused design center in New York City’s Manhattan borough. The KingsHaven showroom opened to design professionals Oct. 5, 2020, with a wide range of ready-to-ship light fixtures and custom lighting options through the company’s Customization Workroom concept.

Displayed throughout the showroom are inspirational lighting displays featuring chandeliers, pendants, sconces, lamps, lanterns, semi-flush and flush-mount fixtures, and other lighting choices for interiors and outdoor spaces. Designers can collaborate with the KingsHaven showroom lighting design team to create custom light fixtures in any size, style, color, and finish to accomplish their residential and commercial project needs.

“推出了我们的照明陈列室,在着名的装饰和设计建筑中实现了我们国家团队对高度独特,手工灯具的热情,”Kingshaven的首席执行官Lauren Wylonis劳伦·威尼斯表示,“

Lauren Wylonis,Kingshaven首席执行官,创始人和领导设计师,以及Andrew Raemsch,Kingshaven国家销售总监和纽约陈列室经理。

Lauren Wylonis,Kingshaven首席执行官,创始人和领导设计师,以及Andrew Raemsch,Kingshaven国家销售总监和纽约陈列室经理。

Best known for its artistic lighting made of hand-forged iron, exotic woods and finely selected materials, and an expansive ability for customization, KingsHaven chose the DDB for its new showroom to serve as an easy access point and a mindful design resource for designers seeking distinctive lighting for challenging installations.

Kingshaven将Andrew Raemsch命名为新的国家销售总监和纽约陈列室经理。Raemsch在设计行业拥有超过25年的经验,展示销售管理的专业知识,区域账户管理,商品,新业务发展和室内设计。他毕业于Parsons设计学院。

展厅代表公司的第一个,层压nent product showcase in New York City, creating a new destination for designers to discover and experience the brand’s lighting collections. The showroom will offer complimentary lighting plan consultation, custom-design lighting through the KingsHaven Customization Workroom, detailed product specifications, and expedited ordering and shipping support to streamline lighting solutions for designers, architects, design-build professionals, and other specifiers.




The showroom staff will offer scheduled lighting consultation appointments in the new space with social distancing guidelines. Virtual meetings through Zoom and phone consultations are also available upon request.

KingsHaven’s new DDB showroom precedes the fall 2020 official debut of the company’s first lighting installation at High Point Market in partnership with home furnishings brand Woodbridge Furniture. KingsHaven’s flagship design showroom and retail store is located west of Philadelphia in the Mainline suburbs.

The new KingsHaven showroom is located at 979 Third Ave., Suite 402, New York, N.Y. 10022. Hours of operation are Monday-Friday, 9 a.m.-5 p.m. ET.

About KingsHaven:

Kingshaven是一家民族制造商和零售商的工匠照明,家具和配件,由手工锻造铁,异国情调的树林和精心选择的材料制成。本公司以费城主要线和纽约市为基础,并在Woodbridge Furniture,High Point中显示,是过渡和现代照明设计的可信资源,呈现出非凡的细节和不妥协的工艺。Kingshaven厅式贸易计划可以在独家贸易价格上获得品牌的整个产品目录,并能够轻松地以几乎任何颜色,尺寸或风格定制订单。设计师可以与Kingshaven合作,从概念到完成,创建一类灯具和照明计划。www.KingsHaven.com

DDB Fall Market 2017 – The Power of Storytelling; People, Product, Process

Posted on October 24th, 2017


故事展开。From heritage brands, steeped in tradition, still handcrafting products with centuries old techniques to emerging start-ups, disrupting the industry with innovation, every brand, person and product has a story to tell. Join the showrooms of the D&D Building along with luminaries, celebrities and brand experts who have harnessed the power of storytelling to evolve their craft and infuse richly layered romanticism into their projects. Over the course of two information-filled days – comprised ofsixKeynote Events,20.In-Showroom Programs,twoSpecial Events,oneSpecial Program,鸡尾酒招待会和114.开放式房屋 - 客人将发现这些叙述可以带来他们的项目的价值;不断发展的设计社区如何在数字空间中分享他们的故事;在不言而喻的情况下,周到的设计如何表达客户的独特个性。讲故事是一件艺术。设计是一个故事。

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摄影由Andrea Fischman Photography

DDB Spring Market 2017 – Art X Design

发表于2017年5月30日的DDB Marketing

Spring Market at the DDB was back and better than ever, with designers, editors, and panelists alike buzzing about the theme, “Art X Design”. With three keynote presentations, 13 In-Showroom Programs, four Cocktail Receptions and 58 Open Houses, guests enjoyed a wealth of information and insight into the vast world of Art and how it intersects with Design.

照片画廊 - keynotes

Donghia hosted “Break from Tradition: How Art of the 20th Century Shapes Design” with Town & Country’s Stellene Volandes, Sotheby’s Molly Ott-Ambler, Sophie Matisse, and Stephen Sills.

Fabricut hosted “Collect Like An Expert“与Luxe Interiors + Design的Pamela Jaccarino,Ronald Varney Partners'Jane Borthwick,Salon 94的Alissa Friedman和Artsy的Stas Johnson-Chyzhkov。

Zimmer + Rohde hosted “The Art of Set Design: Creating Dramatic Interiors in Film, Theater and Television” with The Hollywood Reporter’s Cathy Whitlock, Hamilton The Musical’s David Korins, Hidden Figures’ Wynn Thomas, and Madame Secretary’s Sheila Bock.

照片画廊 - 在展厅

I.J. Peiser’s Sons hosted “The Art of The Floor: Four Top Interior Designers Take Us Under The Rug” with Traditional Home.

Crestron hosted “拿到你的阴影!阴影解决方案CEU.“.

Rug Art International hosted “从内部来源展示新闻雷竞技下载“.


Benjamin Moore hosted “Creating Your Unique Design Identity“.

Stark Carpet hosted “Art Smart: A Primer for Designers” with Galerie magazine.

约翰罗塞利和员工举办了“Carrying The Torch // Cross-Generational Design“建筑摘要。

Knoll Luxe at Artistic Frame hosted “KnollTextiles’Inspired by the Archives’ Product Review“.

Vondom hosted “Eugeni Quitllet: Industrial Dreamer“.

Ferrell Mittman hosted “Enduring Elegance: A Conversation with Marshall Watson“.

Duralee hosted “High Style, Lower Cost: Navigating the World of Attainable Art” with Traditional Home.


Scalamandre hosted “The Curatorial Designer: Interiors for Contemporary Art Collectors” with NYC&G and SFC&G.

Photo Galleries – Cocktail Receptions

荷兰&雪利酒主持了“与克里和迈克尔的鸡尾酒” with ELLE Decor.

Lladro hosted “Celebrating the Collaboration of Lladró and Flavor Paper“.

Scott Group | Hokanson hosted “It’s Not All Black and White“奢华内饰+设计。

THG-Paris hosted “Grand Opening Celebration” with Galerie magazine.

* High-Resolution galleries available upon request. EmailDDB Marketing

Photo Credit: Nathaniel Johnston Photography